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If you download anything else than source code, you won't have an example of a configuration file
If you want an example of a configuration file, you can download it here
Last update: 11 nov 2018
[Ubuntu icon] 1.8


debian-like - 64 bits

sha256sum: 975f58c145fabb68a08177e3d648f1a767102cb56781f05c55d5084cec050313

md5sum: 7e7ff4ecf0f53a2f3734f967f51679cd

[Raspbian icon] 1.8

Raspbian 7

ARM - 32 bits

sha256sum: d4e2eeae65dedba97a3d050b0d7677e530b705c973168d721c718e3adb34270b

md5sum: 05883462f16c7a25e57d3be64d50bfbe

[Icon source file] 1.8

Source code

With installation script

sha256sum: 70c18cef6e7d4e14274f361850cf966d2b74792e2de69226f45a884c355ad945

md5sum: ae6b65c70b9d687634f1c97b90975b32